Did I give you a card? If so, I think you might make a good subject and would like to take some reference photos of you. In exchange for your time, I pay a competitive sit-down fee and hourly rate, against a standard modeling contract. And if you like the piece you model for, I’ll gladly give you a print as well.

I also take on commissions for work in my general style and medium. I especially enjoy turning clients into the sort of Songbird-characters featured in my personal work and drawing them into wild situations. If interested, please click over to: “COMMISSIONS/SONGBIRD LAB” for more information.

*I do NOTHING pornographic, pervy, skeevy, etc. Nor do I do anything overtly political, and I don’t depict graphic violence. That said, I do of course prefer models who are comfortable being depicted suggestively and/or amidst dark subject matter. Reference my piece, “Circe 1” as an example: with its pool of blood, little bit of cleavage and implied off-screen violence; that sort of thing. It’s just what I do:-). With commissions I’m a bit more open, but I still have limits.

So if you’re interested, give me a call or send me an email. I look forward to working with you!