I do take on commissions for work in my general style and medium. I especially enjoy turning clients into the sort of Songbird-characters featured in my personal work and drawing them into wild, dark situations. You name it, I can probably draw it up. I can also do cars, aircraft, weaponry, etc. though I prefer to use them as background elements. Example: I can draw you in your car- or any car really, perhaps racing down a moonlit desert road in a ’69 Chevelle SS396, an empty .45 on the dashboard, with a big explosion going off in the distance behind you.

*I do NOTHING pornographic, pervy, skeevy, etc. and I will not depict graphic violence. Nor will I do anything political. No portraits of you, buck-naked, murdering Trump or Obama:-) I’m pretty open-minded, but I do have limits.

THE PROCESS: First we’ll hammer out your idea. Then we’ll discuss its complexity and size, in order to estimate the amount of time and materials that will be required to bring your idea to life. This will determine the price. If we can agree on that, then I’ll ask for a non-refundable deposit to cover the cost of reference photography, collection of any other visual assets and the time I’ll need to generate a basic digital sketch of the finished work. We’ll make any tweaks to that, then it’s on to the real thing.

FINISHED WORK: You will receive a piece of actual (not digital) mounted artwork, sealed with UV resistant, resin-based fixative on quality acid-free paper, ready for framing. You will also have the option to purchase a hi-resolution digital scan of the work, supplied on a USB thumb drive. I will retain the right to use the artwork on my site and for other commercial purposes unless we’ve agreed to other terms. In some cases, I may ask you someday to loan your piece back to me short-term, should I ever be blessed with a gallery show.

So, if you’re interested, send me an email and I’ll get back to you ASAP. I look forward to working with you!