“Astraea 1” or “Kiss Me Killer”

“Astraea 1” or “Kiss Me Killer”, 20″ x 30″, Charcoal, Ink and Acrylic on Savage Paper

My clawed take on Ezio Tarantelli’s artwork for the 1970s crime/noir film “Kiss Me Killer”, aka “Embrasse Moi” aka “Dulce (Sweet) Pornobaby”.

This one is both a tribute to Tarantelli’s original:

Ezio Tarantelli’s original work.

-and a visual study of my own character, “Astraea”, sister to “Circe” and “Calypso”.

Toying with the piece while still a work-in-progress. Made to look like the cover art for an alternate-history issue of Playboy. The Stars and Stripes background had to be scrapped in the end because I felt it pushed my piece too far from the original.
Reference Photos: Model Anna and the Original.
Digital underdrawing, prototyped in Procreate. This was then printed out on blue-toned Savage paper, where it then served as the basis for the final work.

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