“Krissy’s Notebook” Original Cover Art (Krissy’s Notes)

All that handwritten text is practically a book in itself. Click to enlarge.

“He went looking for the girl he used to know. And too bad for him, he found her…

I’d never made a book cover before, but I think this one came out pretty well for a first try. Much of the actual image credit goes to the model, who was a very good sport about holding an uncomfortable pose while I figured out what the hell I was doing.
*You can click the image and read the note text as is, but for the record, it’s also pasted below. Anything that isn’t out of Krissy’s head is actual information pulled from the guidebook “Forensics 101”, the DSM psychiatric textbooks, firearms manuals, death indexes, etc.

“…would presumably consume the entire house, Temperatures exceeding 1500 deg. F. Insufficient for conviction in court. State Police would testify that they saw only saw a wolf costum
probably be dead within two hours, and investigators would be at a loss to explain what had happened. KE = 1/2M(V^2) Crash Force Impact. Impulse Energy= ForceVelocity(T/V)+
finding only skeletal remains. Temperatures of at least 100 deg. F (which is totally impractical (crematorium level temps) and you’ll never get a body to burn fully in that situation
patterns will reveal distance (1”spread/3’ range) Slug will leave a BIG HOLE. Shotgun ammunition is NOT traceable. Other sharp force injuries: Knives, scissors, ice picks, screwdrive
CH4+2 (2)=Co2/(H+L). Homicidal fires are usually investigated by the fire marshal. #1 “Ronny Tinker”: Overdosed on Oxymorphene. Causes severe nervous system damage. Irreparab
Bad Wolf, just like in Little Red Riding Hood, only he was shot in the chest. He died for one reason: BECAUSE HE DESERVED IT! He deserved every single minute of pain.,I only hope
83: “Hiking Trip”- Montana would probably be best. Lots of room to dispose of the body. Animals would take care of the remains. But could I stand that? I don’t know. #703- “Vill
this one. Would have to make sure that no one knows but me. Although, my God, I do so love him, and I would do anything to protect him (and ME). I determine what happens- ME!
where we are going to be. No cellular coverage either. Remote access only by foot. Although the Camaro is very fast. That thing can run. Just not very safe in a crash… and tend to bur
can’t be without him, then how do I stop myself from doing it? That poem he wrote for me- “The Black Spill” It was so beautiful, it made me cry. I NEVER CRY… but that time I did. I

explosion just like in 1999. Would probbly take out the car, him and the entire structure. I was pretty careful there to spread the tanks around. The explosions then was very effective.
car, the garage: everything. Would just have to clear on this. And clear on what will happen. But that’s just me, being beautiful, psychotic ol’ me I guess. That’s why he loves me. I’m ba
timer to set it off. From there it will cause a chain reaction explosion. Then you just stand back, flip a switch, and watch it go “BOOM!”. Until the fire department gets there. #101-
theoretical impact stresses would be sufficient to shatter ribs, destroy internal organs, etc. But “Cause vs. Mechanism of Death” is an important difference here. Measured in millise
is heart would break. I’d hate to do it that way. He deserves better than that. Although Alva, that POS, deserved everything that he got. My only regret is that I didn’t do it even slower.
mashed to bits- completely untraceable. At least not to anything more than a few parts per million. And most can’t detect it. “SEVERITY INDEX”GSI=A^5/2*T (As calculated by DSM
according to the manual. Explosions: “Initiating” vs. “Non-Initiating”. Is like in a bullet- the primer lights the powder and that pressure actually propels it down the barrel. Hot fire
would be useless to the police or anyone. “Cause” vs. “Mechanism” of death again. The bullet = 7.62 x 51mm Incendiary/Tracer (burns) penetrate the steel & ignite the gas. That will th
aid “I’m warning you, Sweetness, really…” But he just didn’t listen. I warned him so many times about doing that. I warned him- “DON’T SCREW WITH ME” or this won’t end well

429- “Chevelle”: Body-on-Frame construction is tougher; lends itself well to vastly increased chance of survival, which we of course don’t want. We want a full-on CATASTROPHE!
Better off with a “unibody” type; more likely to cause injury to occupants in a crash. So, that’s the one. But I just love to blast along, top down, not caring at all about anything/a
German cars are so tough. Could always get another 750 V-12. Maybe with “modifications”. Fuel tank vapors are VERY flammable. #847- “That Nice Lady & Her Kids”: I tell myself
love him because he loves me? Or because I really was lonely? So lonely that I just needed to find someone who’s like me. And that’s what I told him. So congratulations to me! #451
truck did the job last time. Although I can’t imagine getting away with that sort of thing twice. But maybe, just for fun, I could get him to help me with this one. Maybe he’d even enj
ecieve others as to who he really was. ”Psychopthy” vs. “Sociopathy”: Big Difference between the two. Yet I supposedly am both? Like Little Red Riding Hood. Only I’ll burn his house do
estructive force as measured in ballistic gelatin. 7.62 x 51mm “full metal jacket”. This isn’t just a handgun; I’d need lessons to shoot accurately. But oh, the effect… #289- “Firefly”
wide ranging effects to soft tissues and bone.. Hit “center-mass” and it will probably blow the sternum apart and the spinal column too. Good bye, Roy! Then- POW! Goodbye Mara!
left untreated will result in death from Hypoxia (suffocation) or eventually, brain death. But he’s so cute when he does it. And My God- he kisses like he’s been waiting his entire life
blood loss in under 5 minutes. Nor would autopsy show anything but routine traces. An accident. Like my Da’s car. I miss Daddy sometimes. I miss them all, really. I don’t regret w
And cleanup is easy: soap, water… Ammonia ruins blood evidence. Other cleaners might too. #1320- “The Pastor”: ‘Til Death do Us Part”. We meant those words more than anyone el
ropane canisters are surprisingly hard to detonate. Heavy calibre rifle rounds have a real “kick” to them. This would leave BRUISES (bad). Then they would know. I hid the bruises last
rts. #970- “Shottie”: The most effective, east painful method of suicide (99.5% OAL) followed by Cyanide, GSW to head, SG to chest, and explosions. But the way I’d do it is this: Firs
and most likely to succeed in under 30 seconds. Before blood begins to pool in the lower parts of the body (b/c of gravity) “Forensics 101”: states from the beginning that it is very ha

in .45 or maybe .50., but a shotgun (buckshot) is nasty too. Would make a big mess to clean up, and would be hard to hide everything. So, sadly, that’s a last resort. #1,092- “Switch
each one equivalent to a .38. But then there’s the AR-10, and that’s 700 rds/min. Full Auto, or“Rock and Roll” as Americans like to say. “Hit” like that would look innocent. Not r
said , right after I warned him one last time to watch next page when I finally said “Turn Thine Eyes Away From My Wickedness”. A scene of horrible violence
enough to make Mitchell and even Baker, who was one tough that badass (if she were still alive to see it). But I can’t share. I was never good at sharing him. Not wi
and not at sharing him. “Out To Get Him”. Imagine this: But like I always said, “With so much death around one person, it gets harder and harder to explain.
SO IRONIC- he’d get all the blame, while I got off scot-free Would look a lot like the cover of ”Angelfish” And prove that he loves me still. With my picture in his
group of opioids classes as “dangerously addictive drug that and total shutdown of nervous system. ”This will hurt me more than it hurts you.” And it will hurt. Bel
complete breakdown & degeneration of nervous system, until the end, when he finally flatlines, and everything goes quiet. Would cause complete destruction of the heart… So s

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