“Circe 1” or “See-See and Mister Dustman”

“Circe 1″ 24″ x 36” Charcoal/Ink on Savage paper

“Ah, but that’s just the ghost of Circe— nickname: “See-See”—talking. Sweet, smiling, oh-so-dangerous See-See. With her cute Texas farmgirl drawl, and cold, pitiless eyes.

“Circe 1” and the related “Circe 2″ are big (24″ x 36” actual) visual studies of a character I’m working on for an art book. You can tell just by looking at her that she’s “something special” And the excerpt below is, I believe, quite telling as well:

Shove my hand down in that blender? But won’t that hurt, my Love?

Oh goodness yes! Like a motherfuuucker… But you have to, remember? It’s your punishment. Because you’ve been bad, Mister Dustman. Verrry bad! Yes sirree.

I know, because I lied to you.

Yup, sweet thang. You’re a regular liar, liar pants-on-fire. Now, just hit that button… Ah-ah- no… the other one, see? The one that says: “CHOP”. I like that one better.

(Click- WHIRRR…!)

There you go! Now do it…


Once See-See had gotten access to a brain, it didn’t matter if that brain sat in the skull of a human being or a housecat, but especially in a human, watch out; nothing was sacred.

Nothing was ever safe either. Because See-See’s power had come with a price. One that she, unfortunately, had never had to pay.

At least not until the end.

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