About Joe Jacovelli

I’m essentially an amateur artist and writer who likes to hang out with the wrong imaginary crowd. Especially if they’re women (so sue me).

Examples: Are you a teenage girl with a questionable past and a series of unexplained murders in your wake? Then you’re for me. Are you a twenty-something sociopathic superhuman with a god-complex? With a lot of tattoos and a penchant for revenge-driven destruction? Hop in. Was your mother the most violent assassin the world’s ever seen, and now you’re trying to “top” her? You get to ride shotgun (pun definitely intended). Or maybe you were thinking of killing your husband, until the end of the world got in the way? Oh sweetheart, let’s go for a walk in the fog, you and I- or perhaps a jog? Or hey- are you dealing with a horrible personal tragedy by hosting a downward spiral of increasingly, shall we say, “libertine” house parties? Just so you won’t have to be alone? Sweet, where’s the bar?

You see where I’m going here.

As for writing chops: I’ve self-published a pretty good novel called “Krissy’s Notebook” under the pen name “Ann-William” and have also written several other short stories (all vaguely referenced above, and soon to be posted here on-site). “Krissy” is a sort of dark love story about a man who went looking for “the girl he used to know”, and too bad for him, found her. In fact, most of my stories are dark love stories, at least in some way. It’s just that oftentimes, the world would be a better place if my lovers weren’t in it.

As for visual art, I really enjoy using India ink pen and charcoal, typically on blue, Savage-brand “Wide-Tone” paper, mostly for the effect said paper seems to bring out from that media. “Dark” and “Haunting” are words I’ve heard a lot. Which is a good thing, because that’s the kind of world I usually aim to depict. “Dark” and “haunting”, where things are usually coming to an end. Or at least should be.

And just to assure you that I have some idea of what I’m doing, note that I do have a BA in English/Writing Track from East Stroudsburg University (great school with a noble history as a teacher’s college).

I hail from the western Poconos region of PA where I live with my wife and daughter, too many cars (I love old Mustangs and vintage-y BMWs), and a really smart Chocolate Lab. And just in case some dark, Krissy-like girl wants to stalk me or anything, my home address is-

Ouch! My wife just slapped me. She always tells me I don’t know when to stop. Well I’ll show her. I am going to stop. Riiight… here.

(Besides, if there are any real Krissy’s out there, I’m sure they’ll find me if they want to.)

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