“Krissy 2” or “Farväl (Farewell) Alva, Brinn I Helvetet (Burn in Hell)”

“Krissy 2″, 16″ x 20”, Charcoal/Ink on Savage Paper
“My name is Curtis Greene. Today is Friday, October 27, 2007.
I’m writing this for you, Krissy, because I still love you. You might not realize it yet, but this is an act of love.

I’m also writing this for Pennsylvania State Police Detective Lucas Mitchell.
Just in case…”

“Krissy 2” depicts the character Kristina Lund, from my novel, “Krissy’s Notebook”, doing what she does worst. The excerpts are the opening lines of the new draft that I’m working on. I really liked the original, but felt that the story could still be better. Time will tell, but for now…

“So, hello Krissy, it’s me, your loving, devoted husband. By now I guess you realize what I’ve done, and by my mention of Detective Mitchell in the note above, you’re probably trying to figure out what I intend to do.
All I can say for now is, try not to worry. Remember, I still love you. That statement not only means what it says, but it also means that I haven’t done anything rash.
At least not yet.
No, whatever happens next will largely depend on you. So don’t you do anything rash yet either, please. Read this first. Read every last word, and remember- please remember, especially when you get to the end: I still love you.
But I think even you’ll have to admit that what you’ve done here- I mean, Jesus, Sweetness, this is pretty bad.
So I had to do something bad too.
And this is it.
By the way- I’ve already hidden all the knives, along with any other sharp objects I could think of.
And your Da’s gun, well- this is a big house. Good luck finding that.
Now read.

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