Ann William is Dead.

Yes, you’ve been re-directed here because Leigh and I have decided to pull the plug on dear Ann. She passed away sometime early last Friday.

But please… do read on?

We had a good run. We wrote a great book (“Krissy’s Notebook”) together, knocked out a couple of good short stories and rough-drafted a lot more, but in the end we just couldn’t keep “Ann William” going. Leigh is too busy to contribute anymore, and while I (Joe) have kept on writing (I hope to have a new story, “Villains and Birdsongs” done soon), I’ve also wanted to start doing my own illustration, which, in the end, is definitely a one-man game. So, it seemed kind of silly to stick with the Ann William name.

Thus, here you are at

Aside from that however, not much else has changed. I still plan to keep on writing dark stories like “Krissy” and “Party Balloons” and “BAM! We Are Now Dead!”, still plan to keep hanging out with the same bad imaginary crowd. Krissy isn’t going anywhere either, that’s for sure. She’s told me so in no uncertain terms.

Thus the only other difference (and I believe improvement) will be mostly visual; you’ll actually get to see some of my baddies as I imagined them. For instance, I’ve done a great piece featuring Krissy, and am working on another featuring “Calypso”, the psychopathic supergirl from “Villains and Birdsongs”. A piece featuring her sister “Medusa” is also on the drawing board. Oh, and we do have a great new piece planned for Krissy (her sitting back on the hood of her dad’s BMW, wolf masked clutched in one hand, a bloody baseball bat clutched in the other). I’ve got those, along with some very interesting photography, behind the scenes pics of my work and the reference shots I used to make them, flash fiction stories about the characters in “Krissy” and “Villains” and lots more.

It’ll take time to really get things rolling, but they will, and I think you’ll be pleased with the result. So in the meantime, I hope you’ll keep following along!

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  1. Yikes! I don’t usually read dark stories like this, but it grabbed my attention and I stuck with it to the end to find out what would happen. I wasn’t disappointed. Scary, but gripping. It left me wanting to read more. Good job Joe Jacovelli. I am a fan.

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